• Every company incorporated on or before December 31, 2020 shall file such particulars of the company and its registered office, as required e-Form ACTIVE (Active Company Tagging Identities and Verification) (or e-form 22A) on or before April 25, 2021. |

Make business accounting and GST filing easy.

Haxtax Cloud Accounting Software is a GST-ready accounting software that lets you send invoices, reconcile bank transactions, track inventory, generate reports, and file GST returns effortlessly.

Popular Services

Salaried Individual Tax Filing

File your Income Tax return with Tax Experts. Claim your tax

This is our most popular service because:

  • Salaried people get form 16 which gives information of salary earned and advance taxes paid. Besides the basic salary there are other components beings benefits which are wholly or partially taxable. Further there are tax saving options like eligible investements under sec 80C , donations made etc.

  • Newly employed people often find it difficult to file taxes correctly the first time

  • People don't want a tax notice due to a small error

  • Common people don't keep up with tax regulation changes

  • Tax filing is made seamless by our experts

  • Our experts are well qualified and very experienced. They make tax filing as easy as it can be

  • You can get answers to your queries via phone and email support

  • We ensure salaried people don't waste their rare day offs bothering about tax complications

  • You don't need to visit us, everything can be done online

  • The service is reasonably priced and delivered within 3 days only

  • It's best for people who remember to file taxes at the eleventh hour

Pvt. Ltd. Company Incorporation

Make your dream of owning your own company come true by trusting us with the complex tasks involved.

This is a highly popular service because

  • We are familiar with the fastest incorporation route
  • All compliances are followed to the letter
  • It helps businesses to find investors
  • It helps businesses to expand in a hassle free manner
  • We don't make mistakes with legal matters, ever
  • Our team includes top legal consultants
  • Your physical presence is never required
  • You are free to run your business while we work hard to register your company
  • All the aspects of the process are completed within 20 days
  • You just submit the documents and we take it forward from there
  • This service is rationally priced and saves you a lot of effort
  • We cut through the red tape faster than a common individual thanks to our growing network of important people

GST Migration

Are you afraid of the impact of GST on your business? Don't be let our experts guide you on the matter and be worry-free!!

Many of our clients are rushing to avail this service because:

  • We make the process of getting a Goods and Service Tax Identification Number easier
  • Our experts be there for you through the entire migration process
  • We doggedly pursue the matter until you get the Goods and Service Tax Identification Number
  • People want to know the answer to how will GST impact my business
  • GST has created a sense of fear among business and our experts eliminate it by explaining things in layman terms
  • The GST registration can be done in just 3 days and it won't cost you much, we promise
  • You will be so impressed that you will recommend others to do GST registration with us

Business Income Tax Returns-Regular

Freelancers and independent businesses often need to pay hefty fines if they don't pay taxes on time. Don't make the same mistake. Trust Haxtax!!

All business owners and freelancers like this package because:

  • They get rid of the tension of filing taxes inaccurately
  • They don't need to do lengthy calculations anymore
  • Our experts ensure accuracy of filing and maximized tax savings
  • We never promise what we cannot deliver
  • Tax filing is done without even visiting a CA
  • On-call support is available to clear your doubts
  • An experienced CA is assigned to each case to ensure maximum attentiveness to a case and minimal scope for an error
  • We just need a week to file the taxes accurately
  • Multiple services are combined to create a customized package that you will appreciate
  • Trust Haxtax experts to do what's best for your business or your earnings as a freelancer

Trademark Registration

  • Don't let anyone steal your or your businesses' identity. Register a trademark without emptying your pockets only with Haxtax.
  • This is a highly popular service because:
  • It gives legal protection to something valuable you own and others might steal
  • We allow you to understand the process and we are there for you every step of the way
  • Our team members determinedly pursue your case with the relevant department until the registration is done. We are truly relentless
  • The whole process can be completed in about half of a month and it's well worth the money you pay
  • You can ask as many questions you want during the process and we'll be happy to assist you. We possess the right knowledge and the right skills that will surely help you through this somewhat complicated process
  • It will prevent your competitors from copying your ideas and uniqueness of your brand

Why Haxtax is the Best?

Amazing Accuracy

Amazing Accuracy

  • We have a skilled team of consultants who never go wrong in any compliance related matter. Chances of errors are further reduced due to internal quality checks and usage of technologically advanced cloud based products.

Stress-Free Services

Stress-Free Services

  • You have the power to get any service you want at anytime you want. Our experts will be happy to make complex things simpler for you. Our customer service team ensures that you get the projects delivered on time, every time. And yes, you can track the progress of your order with a few clicks.

Stupendous Security

Stupendous Security

  • You probably don't want to share financial information online. Be assured that we have top level data security measures that are at par with bank level security. Scores of customers trust us and we constantly upgrade the security to retain this trust.

Our Simple Online Process

When someone needs legal help, tax filing, company registration or any legal or financial service, We're the one: will do everything online.

Select Package

Select Package

You simply need to select the service package you are looking for.

Upload Documents

Upload Documents

Upload all required documents online or Our team gathers it.

Request Processed

Request Processed

After we receive all the documents, Our expert legal team process your request with concern government bodies.

Registration Done

Registration Done

Final execution of the approved documentations.

Documents Delivery

Documents Delivery

Done! Time to party! Final Documents will be courier, mailed, and uploaded on your profile!

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