Invoicing Made Easy

Send professional invoices to clients and start availing online payments.

No Need to Visit a Bank for Reconciliation

Reconcile accounts within a few minutes by connecting to your bank and fetching transactions easily.

Inventory Management

Monitor inventory levels and decide reorder points and never run out of stock!

Multiple Users

Work with your team of accountants, CA’s or colleagues to figure out your accounts at no extra cost.

GST Filing

File GST returns swiftly and easily with just a few clicks and our user-friendly GST portal.

Accurate Reporting

Get access to timely and accurate reports that make financial decision making easier!

GST Compliance

We make GST returns filing easier by sending you GST-compliant invoices, handling tax calculations and generating financial reports in a hassle-free manner.

Custom Solution

Haxtax Cloud Accounting software automates business workflows and allows you to create layers of functionality as per your business model.


Setting up and learning Haxtax Cloud Accounting Software is easy and can be done in minutes. If you are not sure about something, ask our customer support team to lend you a hand.

Made for All

You can collaborate with accountants and business partners without paying even an extra penny.


You can easily expand your business without worrying about receivable payments thanks to our software’s ability to set automated payment reminders for thousands of clients/payments at once. Global expansion is also a reality thanks to multi-currency invoicing.

Cost Effectiveness

The pricing will fit every budget and make the investment seem worth it in the long run.

The most reliable GST ready accounting software for small & medium businesses




GST Ready

Inventory Management

Customer Management

Vendor Management

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Profit & Loss Statement

GST Filing

Balance Sheet

Computation of Income


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