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Starting your own business is an overwhelming experience but registering a company is never easy and simple. Choose the right company structure and registering it as legal compliance in India is mandatory. Haxtax provides quick, easy and affordable services to register your business via a simple online process. We are the most reliable and leading legal consultant and related-service provider in Lucknow trusted by many top-ranked businesses across the state. We are highly preferred by all aspiring startups who wish to reach new heights in their field. Haxtax understands the importance of working on new business ideas and strategies; thus we take all your worries registering your startup under the right company structure and clear all your registration-related doubts with expert guidance. With Haxtax you can kick start your new venture in no time.  

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Company Registration Package For You @ Haxtax…….

The company registration packages and services provided by Haxtax are categories into six different company structures. Whether it is Private Ltd, Public Ltd, One-person, LLP, Nidhi company registration or Section 8 type of company registration, we have expert solutions and guidance services designed for every type. We offer pocket-friendly packages to you along with expert solutions and guidance.

Our Company Registration packages are designed for –

  • Private Limited Company @ 9,999

  • LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) @ 11,000

  • One Person One Company @ 11,000

  • Section 8 company @ 10,000

  • Nidhi Company Registration

  • Public Limited Company

Haxtax are dedicated to relieving your stress of registering your company under the Companies Act 2013. Our vision is to make your company’s registration process quick, simple and affordable with just a few online steps.

Why Choose Haxtax For Your Company Registration?

At Haxtax, we complete the company registration process for your business in just a few days. Everything is done online and you don’t have to leave the comfort zone of your home or delay any important office for the same. All you need is to trust Haxtax and its well-appointed experts and advisers.

In just a few simple steps your work will be done. You need to simply –

  • Sign up to

  • Submit your documents

  • We will submit your document online

  • We get your documents verified

  • And we follow up with you with regular updates

  • You just need to relax and sit back

Documents Needed For Company Registration

Company registration in India isn’t an easy task to do, you need to submit genuine and valid documents for the same. Following are the documents that you need to submit for registering your business under the Companies Act –

Why Register Your Company?

Registering a startup or a venture has its benefits, it not only increase its brand awareness among masses but also boosts its authenticity and reliability. It makes your business more genuine and valid. Company Registration is also helpful for –

  • Attracting more customers

  • Increase the potential to expand and grow big  

  • Offers liability protection to your company’s assets

  • Greater stability that comes with a greater capital contribution

  • Procures great investment and bank credits from reliable investors

  • Shields your business from personal liability

  • Protects your company from other losses and risks

What Are The Different Types Of Company Registration Processes?

Company Registration In India is important as it boosts the progress and awareness about your business among many. But choosing the right type of company structure is also important. Depending on the type of company, the registration process might also differ. We at Haxtax, collect all the information about what’s the company, what type it is, and what all documents you might need for its registration. So, the following are the types of companies that we can help you get registered under the Companies Act.

Private Limited Company

It is the most prevalent and widely popular type of business entity in India. Private Limited Companies in India are usually governed by the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs. It is a corporate structure that provides a separate legal identity to the business other than its owner’s identity.

Pros Of Registering A Company A Private Limited…

  • Most preferred business structure

  • Easy fund and loan raising  

  • Ownership and management separation

  • Separate legal existence

  • Owner’s limited liability protection to personal assets

  • Easy to transfer or sell

  • Better credibility and image in the market

  • Easily attracts employees

Documents Needed For Registering As Private Limited Company

  • PAN Card of directors and shareholders

  • Identity proof of shareholders and directors  

  • Address proof of directors and shareholders

  • Rented or property agreement of the registered office

  • NOC, in case the registered office space is rented

  • Passport size photographs

  • Specimen signature

Package Details For Private Limited Company Registration……

For registering as a Private Limited Company with Haxtax, you will be getting –

  • Most preferred business structure

  • Easy fund and loan raising  

  • Ownership and management separation

  • Separate legal existence

  • Owner’s limited liability protection to personal assets

  • Easy to transfer or sell

  • Better credibility and image in the market

  • Easily attracts employees

Documents Needed For Registering As Private Limited Company

  • Expert guidance for registration and advice regarding the fastest process

  • Help in filling several e-forms with ROC (Registrar of Companies)  

  • Two digital signature certificate

  • Two director identification numbers

  • Approval for your company’s name

  • Drafts of MOA (Memorandum of Association) and AOA (Articles of Association)

  • PAN

  • TAN

  • An Issue of the Certificate of Incorporation

Limited Liability Partnership

Limited Liability Partnership is another type of company structure that was introduced under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. Such business entities are simple to maintain and are meant to provide limited liabilities to its owner. In other words, it the easiest type of corporate entity to incorporate and manage in India.

Pros of Registering A Company As LLP

  • Limited Liability of Partners

  • Limited personal risks  

  • Operational flexibility as the deed agreement between the partners clarifies the rights and responsibilities of each partner

  • Low compliance requirement

  • Separate legal existence

Documents Needed For LLP Company Registration

  • PAN Card of all partners

  • Address proof of all partners  

  • Latest passport size photographs of all partners

  • Registered office address proof

  • No Objection Certificate from the owner of the registered office

  • Rent agreement if the office is rented

  • Ownership proof

  • Specimen signature

Package Details for LLP Company Registration….

Get LLP registered just @ 11,000/- with Haxtax and you will get –

  • Expert help in filling the form with ROC

  • All documents will be collected online  

  • Two DPINs (Designated Partners Identification Numbers)

  • Two DSCs (digitals Signature Certificates)

  • TAN Registration and PAN

  • Certificate of Incorporation

One Person One Company

Also known as a sole proprietorship, the One Person Company is another widely preferred corporate structure in India. In such business entities, a single promoter obtains full authority on the company and takes each-related decisions all by him/her. It not only provides corporate status to its owner but also enables him/her to operate the company with limited liability protection.

Pros of Registering As A One Person One company
  • The obligations and liabilities over personal assets of the only owner is not charged

  • OPC Registration enables you to obtain separate legal entity status  

  • OPC is benefitted with limited compliance requirements like holding a board or general meetings

  • Continuous existence till the death of the sole proprietor

  • Greater credibility among lending institutions and vendors

Documents Needed To Register As One Person One Company
  • Identity proof of the sole proprietor

  • PAN Card of the owner  

  • Address proof of the director

  • Passport size photographs of the director

  • Office address proof

  • Property/rent agreement of the office

Package Details For OPC Registration…

Establish your entity under the Companies Act, 2018 as One Person Company or Sole Proprietorship with Haxtax @ 11,000/- with which you will be getting –

  • One Director ID number

  • Name approval  

  • Digital Signature Certificate

  • Drafts of AOA and MOA

  • Issue of Incorporation Certificate

  • PAN Application

Section 8 Company

Section 8 company is another type of corporate unit which is usually founded or registered for charitable purposes. Usually, non-profit organizations in India fall under the Section 8 Company structure introduced under Companies Act, 2013. Section 8 companies are usually registered with various charitable objectives based on the promotion of commerce, arts, educations, sports, science, environment protection, religion, etc.,

Pros Of Section 8 company Registration
  • Compliance and tax exemption

  • Separate legal identity irrespective of the owner’s identity  

  • Limited liabilities to its members

  • No corporate titles need to be added after its name

Documents Required For Registering As Section 8 Company
  • Address, citizenship and identity proof of the directors

  • Photo ID proofs of the directors  

  • Latest Photographs of the directors

  • Rented or property agreement of registered office

  • Specimen Signature

Package Details For Section 8 Business Registration…. 

Kick-start your own non-profitable charitable business entity with Haxtax by simply availing its Section 8 company registration packages available only @10,000/-; and also enjoy premium benefits such as –

  • 2 Director ID number and digital signature certificates

  • Name search  

  • Drafting of AOA and MOA

  • Receipt of NGO license under Section 8

  • PAN application

  • TAN Registration

Nidhi Company Registration

A corporate entity founded to provide borrowing and lending money services is needed to be registered under the Nidhi Company. It regulated by MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) and is based on the “Principle of Mutuality”. Such entities belong to non-banking business firms and are usually identified under Section 406 of Companies Act, 2013. Mutual fund, permanent fund, benefit funds companies are a few examples of Nidhi corporate structure.

Pros Of Registering Under Nidhi Company
  • Encourages savings and thrifty lifestyle

  • Cheaper to borrow money  

  • Lesser compliances

Documents Needed For Registering Under Nidhi Company
  • Self-attested copies of PAN card, ID proofs and address proofs of all the directors

  • Specimen signature  

  • Passport-size photos

Public Limited Company

Public limited companies are usually those corporate units whose securities can be traded on the stock exchange. Anyone can buy or sell the shares or securities of such entities. These are strictly regulated. And to register such an organization you need a minimum of 7 shareholders and 3 directors. Public limited entities are an ideal choice for both medium as well as large organizations. Such corporate business structures have their benefits/advantages.

Pros Of Public Limited Company Registration
  • Shares can be easily transferred

  • More transparency  

  • Name, shares, number of members, directors, management, etc., are the identifying marks of Public Limited Companies

Documents Required For Registering Public Limited Company
  • PAN cards of all directors

  • Identity proofs of all directors  

  • Address proofs of all directors

  • Photographs of all directors

  • Digital Signature Certificate of all directors

Checklist For Registering A Company In India….

For registering any company under the Companies act 2003, you need to meet the following conditions –

Unique Name 

Ensure your company’s name is unique and different from other existing companies in India.

Two Directors

It must have at least two directors except in the case of Sole Proprietor or One Person One Company. And out of two directors, one should be an Indian resident. Registered Office

For having a registered office, no business needs to have a proper commercial space; a rented home can also be registered as an office after getting NOC from the landlord.


What are top four most preferred Company Registration structures?

Listed below is the comparative list of popular corporate structures in India –

Company type Ideal for Tax advantages Legal compliances
Limited Liability Partnership Service-oriented businesses or businesses that have low investment needs Benefit on depreciation Business tax returns to be filed ROC returns to be filed
One Person Company Sole owners looking to limit their liability Tax holiday for first 3 years under Startup India Higher benefits on depreciation No tax on dividend distribution Business returns to be filed Limited ROC compliance
Private Limited Company Businesses that have a high turnover Tax holiday for first 3 years under Startup India Higher benefits on depreciation Business tax returns to be filed ROC returns to be filed An audit is mandatory
Public Limited Company Businesses with  a high turnover Tax exemptions under Business tax returns to be filed. Mandatory Audits

What is the most important step that every business person must take for registering a company?

To register a company, it is very important to choose the right corporate structure depending on the ownership, capital, and purpose of establishing a new venture.

What is the most important aspect to consider for choosing the right business structure?

While choosing the right business structure, you must first lookout whether there is any business partner or not. And then the amount of capital invested in it.