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House Property

Individual Tax Filing (Income from House Property)

  • Do you have get rental income from a House Property? If so, you should file your return with experts from

  • Tax Filing assisted by Experts

  • Email and phone support during business hours.

For people earning income from house property

If you are a person who earns income from house property, you are liable to pay a tax on it. Don’t stress about it, just hire us and we’ll take care of filing tax for people earning income from house property.


*This package covers only one Tax Return
  • Package Details

  • Our Process

  • Documents Needed

  • FAQ

Package Details

What is in this package ?

  • This package is perfect for salaried individuals who own a house property with a home loan or those who earn rental income from one or more privately owned properties.

  • You are requested to upload the required documents with 24 hours of buying the package. The sooner you upload the documents, the sooner we will assign a qualified expert to complete your request. Please be prompt in uploading the documents so that your returns can be filed within the deadlines.

Who should Buy this Package?

  • Salaried people who own multiple properties.

What will you Get?

  • Tax filing service.

  • HaxTax product for Tax Filing.

  • Filing Confirmation.

  • Email and phone support from a expert during business hours.

For Enquiries


Call : 7505111555

Our Process.

  • You buy the package, upload relevant documents on vault and review computation sheet.

  • We file the taxes and provide you with ITR-V after e-filing.

  • The whole process takes just 3 days, often less.

Documents You Must Submit.

  • 2.     Home loan interest certificate available with your bank.

  • 3.     Form 26AS Tax Credit Statement.

  • 4.     If the property is co-owned, you must provide percentage of share details.

  • 7.     Payment challan of property taxes.

  • 8.     Details of the rent received during a financial year (from April to March), if it’s applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What income would I be taxed for?
    • Your income is usually not income to your salary as you can earn income from other sources than the salary. According to the Income Tax Department of India, your income could be from sources like house property owned by you, profit or loss attained from selling stocks, interest on fixed deposits or interest on savings account. All these numbers are combined to denote your gross income.

    • The main components of your gross income are

    • Income Received from Salary: All the money you receive as a result of your employment is known as income received from salary.

    • Income Received from Other Sources: Income you accumulate from a savings account or fixed deposits is categorized under income received from other sources.

    • Income Received from Capital Gains: If you earn an income by selling capital assets like house property or mutual funds is covered under income received from capital gains.

    • Income Received from Any Business and Profession: If you are earning some income from carrying a business or profession, you are liable to mention it under income received from any business and profession category. Freelancing work that generated income also comes under this category.

  • My pay slip is showing something called TDS. What is it?
    • When your employer cuts a tax from your salary and pays it to the I-T department on your behalf, it is known as TDS. The full form of the word in tax deducted at source. The amount of TDS that is cut from your salary is decided by an employer after considering your total salary for the whole year and the investments made by you in tax-savings products. TDS is deducted from your salary on a monthly basis.

    • TDS is usually a major part of a salaried employee’s income tax payment. Your employer will generally provide you with a TDS certificate known as Form 16 in June or July to show you how much tax was deducted each month.

  • What is meant by Form 16?
    • Form 16, as mentioned above is a TDS certificate. Your employer is bound by the I-T department to deduct TDS from your salary and deposit it with the Indian government.

    • Form 16 certificate will contain details about the salary you earned during the year and TDS amount that was deducted from it. It usually ahs two parts, Part A in which the details of employer and employee like name, address, TDS deductions, PAN and TAN are mentioned. Part B consists of the details of the salary paid, deductions allowed, tax payable and other incomes.

  • What is meant by Form 26AS?
    • Form 26AS contains the summary of taxes that were deducted on your behalf by deductors, the taxes that were paid by you and the tax fund you received during a financial year. This form is always provided by the Income Tax Department and you can access it from the official website of the I-T Department.

  • What is the meaning of basic salary?
    • Basic salary is a fixed component of your paycheck. It forms the basis of other different portions of your salary and is usually a large portion of your total salary. Your provident fund is deducted at 12 percent of the basic salary. HRA is defined as a percentage of your basic salary.

  • What is the meaning of HRA?
    • HRA stands for House Rent Allowance. Salaried people who live in a rented apartment or house can claim the House Rent allowance to lower the tax they are liable to pay. This can be completely or partially exempt from the taxes one has to pay. Please note that if you get the HRA and you do not live in a rented apartment or house, the HRA will be fully taxable.

  • What is the due date for tax return filing for salaried individuals?
    • Salaried or non-salaried individuals must file their tax returns by 30th of September of the next year. For instance, for the income earned in the year 2016-2017, the return needs to be filed by 30th September 2017.

  • Am I allowed to file a revised return to correct any mistake made on the original return that was filed?
    • You are free to revise the return within one year from the end of the relevant assessment year or before the completion of the assessment. Whichever comes earlier is considered. If you have bought our salaried individual tax filing with single Form 16 package and you made a mistake, we will not revise the return. In a rare case, if the mistake is ours, we will rectify the situation free of cost.

  • Can I file a return after the due date has passed?
    • You can file a belated return before the completion of the assessment or before the end of the assessment year, whichever is earlier. For instance, in the case of income earned during FY 2016-2017, you can file the belated return till 31st March 2018.

  • Is it necessary to keep a copy of the return I filed as proof? If so, for how long should I keep it?
    • You should preserve the copy of the return as long as possible but keeping them for at least 6 years is highly recommended. As per the Income-tax, Act legal proceedings can begin up to 4 or 6 years before the current financial year. In some cases, the proceedings can also be initiated after 6 years’ window.

  • Is it mandatory to attach the details of proof of investments, TDS deducted, etc.?
    • ITR return forms are attachment-less forms so you are not required to attach any documents such as TDS certificates, proof of investment, etc. no matter whether you are filing the ITR manually or electronically. It is recommended that you retain these documents and produce them before tax authorities when need be. Situations like an inquiry or assessment can require you to produce said documents.

  • Are the preparations of Audit and Financial statements covered in this package?
    • No, preparation of audit and financial statements is not a part of our salaried individual tax filing with single Form 16 package.

  • Is revised return covered under this package?
    • If you made a mistake in providing the information during original return filing, we will not be able to revise it as a part of our salaried individual tax filing with single Form 16 package..