LLP Closure

Any LLP can close down its business by adopting any of the following two ways:.

  • A) Declaring the LLP as Defunct:-In case the LLP wants to close down its business or where it is not carrying on any business operations for the period of one year or more, it can make an application to the Registrar for declaring the LLP as defunct and removing the name of the LLP from its register of LLP’s.

  • B) Winding up of LLP:-Section 63, 64 and 65 of LLP Act 2008 governs the process for winding up of the LLP. It is the process where all the assets of the business are disposed off to meet the liabilities of the same and surplus any, is distributed among the owners.

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  • LLP or Limited Liability Partnership is a new form of business entity introduced in India through the LLP Act, 2008. LLP enjoys audit exemption, if the annual turnover of the LLP is less than Rs.40 lakhs and/or the capital contribution is less than Rs.25 lakhs. This feature has made LLP popular amongst many entrepreneurs. However, due to a number of reasons, it may be necessary to close a LLP or windup a LLP.

  • A LLP winding up can be initiated voluntarily or by a Tribunal. If a LLP is to initiate winding up voluntarily, then the LLP must pass a resolution to wind up the LLP with approval of at least three-fourths of the total number of Partners. If the LLP has lenders, secured or unsecured, then the approval of the lenders would also be required for winding up of the LLP.

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Documents Needed

  • Application for Striking off of the LLP.

  • Partners Meeting Resolution for closure

  • Consent of Partners

  • Partners' Affidavit

  • Indemnity Bond

  • Statement of Assets and Liabilities.

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