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Non-Resident Indians

Individual Tax Filing for people earning income from Capital Gains.

  • In this package, you will get Expert Assisted Filing of all your Income Tax returns

  • This package includes domestic and foreign tax filing

  • You will also get Email or Skype or Call Support from our experts in your time zone

₹ 3100

  • Package Details

  • Our Process

  • Documents Needed

  • FAQ

Package Details

What is in this package ?

  • Every Non-Residential Indian or NRI who has earned any income in India is required to pay taxes on such an income. The income can be earned on rendering some services or selling some assets that are located in India. Any access TDS that was deducted in the past can also be claimed as refund only if the assessee files return within the due date. Hence, it is vital for an NRI to get CA-assistance in filing the income returns.

Who should Buy this Package?

  • Indian citizens who are working on-site or at client locations outside India

  • Indian citizens who own a bank account or have any other asset abroad.

  • Foreign nationals, who work in India, have Indian assets or who earn salary in India

What will you Get?

  • CA Assisted Filing of your Income Tax returns.

  • Calling or Email or Skype Support as per your time zone.

  • Domestic and foreign income as well as the resulting tax liabilities.

  • Assistance with managing complexities of taxation in multiple nations and avail double taxation avoidance agreements (DTAA)

  • Declaration of foreign assets for Indian residents will also be done as per Schedules FSI, TR and FA in the Income Tax Return)

For Enquiries


Call : 7505111555

Our Process.

  • You buy the package and upload all necessary documents on the vault.

  • The computation sheet is reviewed by you.

  • Your return is filed.

  • Acknowledgment is generated

Documents You Must Submit.

  • 1.     Specific details of all the income earned in India.

  • 2.     Statement of bank accounts and NRE/NRO account statements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does a CA-Assisted Plan work?
    • When you need to file a tax where foreign income is involved, you need the assistance of an expert who has done it many times in the past. Haxtax can do just that. We will assign a CA to your case soon after you buy a package. The qualified and enabled Chartered Accountant will contact you and prepare your return. After you have reviewed the return, the CA would e-file the tax return.

  • Is phone support included in the package?
    • In this package, most of the assistance and support is usually offered via emails. But you have the liberty to schedule a phone call or a Skype call as per your time zone.

  • How can I determine my own residential status?
    • A person’s residential status for the purposes of income tax is based on the number of days a person spends in India. If you are a foreign national living in India, you may be considered a resident Indian for the purposes of tax. Similarly, if you are an Indian living abroad, you might be considered as a Non-Resident Indian.

    • Usually, if you have been in India for 182 days or more than that during a financial year, you will be considered as a resident. There are a few more conditions that apply.

  • Are all the CA’s working on my case qualified?
    • Yes. has created a network of Chartered Accountants who are qualified and highly experienced. They will work on your case diligently to ensure that no mistakes are ever made. They keep up with all the changes in foreign taxation too.

  • If I hold stock of a foreign company as RSU/ESOPs, which package is the best for me?
    • This package is a perfect choice for you because, in this package, the assigned CA will not only prepare and submit your tax return to the IT department, the CA will also fill out foreign income-specific schedules along with checking pertinent compliance concerning the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement.