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Permanent Account Number (PAN)

  • Need to apply for a PAN card? Get it without even leaving your home. Just contact Haxtax.

  • Obtain a new PAN.

  • Get any correction/rectifications done.

  • Request Issuance of a Duplicate PAN.

₹ 215

* This package includes relevant government fees
  • Package Details

  • Our Process

  • Documents Needed

  • FAQ

Package Details

What is in this package ?

  • This package is designed to fulfill all the PAN procurement needs without you having to leave the comfort of your house. Whether you need to obtain a new PAN or you need to get a correction done, we can handle it all. We also assist in the issuance of a duplicate PAN. Trust Haxtax for all the Pan related matters and never worry again

Who should Buy this Package?

  • Every person or entity that needs to file a return of income.

  • Any person filing a return of income on behalf of another person or entity

  • Any person who intends to enter into an economic or financial transaction where they need to quote PAN

  • Any NRI or any foreign citizen who earns income in India

  • All the entities (LLP, firms, companies, etc.) that are registered outside India but are operating in India

What will you Get?

  • Easy online documents collection process by using our vault.

  • Verification of necessary documents and submission of the application form with the PAN authority.

  • Delivery of PAN card within just 7 business days.

For Enquiries


Call : 7505111555

Our Process.

  • You purchase the plan and add all documents to vault.

  • An expert from Haxtax fills the form.

  • You sign the filled form and forward it

  • You get the delivery of PAN card within just 7 business days

  • Just 10 days estimate

Documents You Must Submit.

  • An address proof.

  • A signed PAN Application

  • Your photo ID proof

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which types of legal documents can you draft?
    • This package is designed to draft documents for businesses and people. It includes but is not limited to:

      Notices, Employment Offer Letter, Agreements, Appointment Letter, Employment Documents, Property Documents, Gift Deeds, Joint Ownership Agreement, Direct Selling Agent Letter, Sale/Purchase Deed, Consultant or Freelancer Engagement Letter, Company Agreements, Co-Founder Agreements, Residential/Commercial Rental Agreements, Invitation Bid, Notice for Payment of Rent, NOC by Property Owner, Share Purchase/Transfer, Notice to Vacate Tenant, Board Resolution, Minutes of Meetings, Secretarial Compliance, Notices of Meetings and Arbitration Contracts.

      Personal legal documents needed by people include but are not limited to:

      Power of Attorney, Consumer Complaint, Affidavit, Notice Against Non-Payment of Cheque, Franchise, Catalog Enquiry, Settlement Against Road Accident, Copyright Assignment/Breach, Cloud Computing Service, Third Party Contracts, Agency Agreement, Information Technology Related-IT, Software Distribution/Development, Privacy Policy Agreements, Terms and Conditions, Website Maintenance or Development Service Agreement, Plant And Machinery Lease, Server Support Service Agreement, Breach of Contract Notice and Intimation.

      Only legally sound and experienced professionals such as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and legal consultants draft legal documents.

  • Who will be drafting my legal agreement?
    • Haxtax has developed a wide network of legal consultants, tax experts, and property experts. We have a team of advocates, legal consultants, chartered accountants and company secretaries who have tons of years of experience in their respective fields which ensures there are no mistakes.

  • Is it mandatory to ensure all agreements are notarized? Should stamp duty be paid on every legal document?
    • Only documents like real estate property deed need to be notarized which are to be presented in front of a person with a notary designation. These documents are eligible for being enforced in the court of law only when they are notarized and stamp duty of appropriate value is paid. Some states have a provision for e-stamping too.

      In contrast, for some agreements and legal documents, there is no need to acknowledge them before a public unless a state or municipal law makes it mandatory.

      As per this package, our legal experts will prepare a draft that will be shared with you. You need to ensure that you share all the specifications and expectations. You should also review the draft carefully. After the process ends, you will get a soft copy of the final draft that you can use as per your needs. Notary and stamp duty charges are not paid in this package.