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Please read this Terms and Condition carefully. This is the Terms and Condition of www.Haxtax.com(http://haxtax.com/).


  • When you use any of the services provided by Us through the Website, You will be subject to the rules, guidelines, policies, terms, and conditions applicable to such service, and they shall be deemed to be incorporated into this Terms of Use and shall be considered as part and parcel of this Terms of Use.

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  • The Intellectual Property disclosure will inform you that the contents, logo and other visual media you created is your property and is protected by copyright laws.

  • A Termination clause will inform that users’ accounts on a website and mobile app or users’ access to website and mobile can be terminated in case of abuses or at your sole discretion.

  • If any content post by a user on the website or mobile app infringes copyright, it can be removed by us.

  • We can cancel specific orders if a service price is incorrect